Multiplication and Division

WALT: Solve written division by showing remainder as a fraction.


What did I learn: 
I have learnt lots of                                                            
new strategies for
multiplication and
division, but for me                                            
this was the most                                                      How I got this answer: First I put 8 into 9 
fun one. That is                                                          which equals 1 remainder 1. Then I put 8
why i'm sharing this.                                                 into 16 which equals 2. Then you do 8
                                                                                     into 1 which equals nothing so instead you What is my next learning goal:                                do 8 into 13 which equals 1 remainder 5.
Solve multiplication and division                           But for 5 you change the 5 into 5/8.                             
problems using a board range 
of strategies for whole numbers.


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