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2017 Athletics Review

When it was tough in high jump. I quickly stopped and tried again. The second time I tried I just told myself, “It doesn’t matter if I miss, at least I’m trying my best,” and it worked. I got over, I knocked it but the pole didn’t fall. That put me in third place.
    2. I know I managed my athletics goals because so far I have got more than 2 placings for zones. I wanted to have to choose which 2 to go for, so I tried my best and I have got three placings. Maybe I will get one today for Long Jump.
  3.  While I was competing I was trying my best and showed the CARE values. In all of my activities I got a Pozi for trying my best. So that added up to 4 points for Rimu. Today I will try and jump as far as I can for long jump and always try, try my best.
4. I did well in all of my activities. My first activity was discus, and with my big throw I got second. My next activity was High Jump although at 1 m 5 I missed both of my shots but I still got third. My third activity was sprints and I…

Southwest Canterbury Intergrated Learning

Ruru Ruru are a nocturnal owl. Nocturnal means they only come out at night and sleep in the day like hedgehogs and other nocturnal birds. They are brown speckled owls.    Here are some questions What do Ruru eat? Morepork eat a variety of food but focus on large insects such as weta, huhu beetles, moths and cicadas. They will also prey upon small mammals such as mice and young rats. Morepork also catch roosting birds unawares as they sleep at night! Like many owl species, Morepork can fly silently.
What are the Ruru’s predator? There are a few predators. Rats, Stoats and Weasels. They are all very similar animals.

Where do Ruru live? The 'Ruru' Morepork is New Zealand's most widespread owl species. A bird of the bush and the night, it is also an important species in Maori mythology. The Morepork is the only remaining native owl species found in New Zealand apart from the Barn Owl, which has only very recently colonised New Zealand from Australia.
How big do they grow? The females ar…

Zara MUNRO - Term 4 Goal

Term 4 Learning Goal
My Learning Goal My learning goal is to get my gold award because I have only got it in Year 3.
How am I going to achieve my goal? List strategies that you can use to work towards achieving your goal. I am going to try my best at showing the CARE values. I will try and get as many ticks as I can when we get together to tick off our CARE values. I will work harder because I have already got at least 3 ticks in each value for gold. That means I am getting close. How will I know when I have achieved my goal? I will know if I achieve my goal when I have got all the tick boxes filled and I get my certificate in assembly.
My Learner Qualities Goal My learner qualities goal is to Collaborate because I think people work better together and I do too. How am I going to achieve my goal? List strategies that you can use to work towards achieving your goal. If I can’t find a friend to partner up with, I will look around the room and find someone else.