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Integrated learning

WALT  describe ideas about school design. The school idea I am presenting is a device room. I am presenting this by making a model. I think the school should use this idea because it will have solar panels and it won't waste power.


At Star fish swim school I learnt how to do survival back stroke. The most challenging thing I did was doing Butterfly. The thing I was most proud of was moving to another lane.

Persuasive Writing

We are learning to write persuasively. Some places I would find persuasive writing are stories, blog posts and letters.

Reading-The BFG

I would use the word clever to describe Sophie. I think Roald Dahl wrote  this story because its a great story for children.

Persuasive writing

We are learning to write persuasively. Three features of persuasive writing I know about are 

An argumentStrong wordsRhetorical questions 

BFG review

The BFG by Roald Dahl. My favourite part in the BFG is when the queen finds Sophie on her window sill. My favourite character was the BFG because his language is Gobblefunk. I  don't think they should change anything. I think Roald Dahl wrote this book because it is funny and good for children.